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Elaine Manley

Elaine is a Master’s level Coach, specialising in developing a variety of people and staff, from CEOs to new recruits. 

'My main passion is to see people develop to be all they can be without too much striving.'

With the support of a coach or mentor, people often find it easier to identify and prioritise their passions and live lives that are focused and satisfying; spending time on what is important, rather than what is merely urgent.

A coach or mentor is also a person who is a cheer leader, a support and someone to be accountable, to if procrastination is an issue! If you know you will be speaking to your coach in a few weeks, it helps to focus the mind and keep you motivated!

Personal Development Coaching

Coaching brings clarity, the answers to work dilemmas, support in handling challenging staff and colleagues, greater resilience and clarity of vision for the future.

Use your talents and live a balanced life that is both clear and focused!

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Blog Posts

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Elaine Manley

Elaine is a Master’s level Coach, specialising in developing a variety of people staff from CEOs to new recruits. Her passion is to see people developing their potential while maintaining a balanced life.

Current Companies I'm working with

"Elaine joined the Specialist Volunteer Network at Inspiring Scotland in September 2021 offering her extensive experience in mentoring and executive coaching to our charity leaders. Since enrolling in the Network Elaine has worked with senior managers at five organisations, all with fabulous feedback. Having a safe external space to develop as a leader is a key part of running a successful and sustainable charity. Elaine immediately hones in on the areas where she can lend vital support and does so in an empathic way which is the key to her successful interventions"

Elaine Crichton

‘Elaine spent time with each member of staff individually, and outwith the office, giving them time, space and confidentiality to talk. The team all valued this opportunity to have a third party to speak to who was not their line manager, and who could help them hold themselves accountable.’

Simon Glazier - Director

I very much enjoyed receiving coaching from Elaine. She was able to not only identify areas for personal development but offer practical solutions on how to achieve these. The regular sessions meant Elaine was able to check my progress, and to ensure I was on track to achieving my objectives. Over the months I worked with Elaine I am pleased to have been able to, through her practical suggestions, improve my working relationships with colleagues as well as develop my social skills. As a result, I am a more rounded professional. I would recommend Elaine’s coaching for those seeking to develop their personal and business skills.

Timothy Marple - Financial Planner

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